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An LA transplant by way of Tampa, L8LOOMER (pronounced Late Bloomer) has been quietly pushing his style beyond the normal boundaries of his current MC peers. Meshing his lyrical lucidity with his self-described Manifestation Music, BLOOM has begun to conjure up a world where HipHop and Burning Man have taken up residence together. One can’t help listening to his track RIGHT SIDE (featuring Doja Cat) without feeling you’re on the Playa heading to some unknown destination with L8LOOMER at the helm of this strange new creation.
Quiet in nature but loud in spirit, L8LOOMER has taken the next step forward in his evolution with his upcoming track SHINE LIKE WHOA. This time tagging MadeinTYO for his soul ceremony SHINE LIKE WHOA explores the world where materialism of today’s culture meets the light of our inner selves. Each bar brings the absurdity of our current state more into focus while establishing L8LOOMER as a new voice for this generation’s forward thinking MC’s